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Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme

The employment provisions of the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act place a clear obligation on the council not to discriminate against people with disabilities at any stage of recruitment and selection, including advertising jobs, deciding on location and timing of interviews, determining assessment and interview techniques and setting selection criteria.

In order to assist in meeting these obligations the council has adopted a Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme which, as the name implies, guarantees an interview to any applicant who has, or considers themselves to have, a disability providing they meet the essential criteria for the job.

The Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme applies to all job vacancies which arise within the council and forms an integral part of the council's recruitment and selection procedures.

The following notes are intended to assist managers/supervisors fulfil their obligations under the terms of the scheme when filling a vacancy.

Job Outline and Person Specification

The job outline must clearly reflect the requirements of the job and ensure that no unnecessary requirements are included which would place a disabled applicant at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with an applicant who is not disabled.

A person specification must be prepared and used throughout the recruitment and selection process. It must clearly outline the essential skills, experience and other personal attributes necessary for any individual to carry out the duties of the job. In addition it should also detail any other skills, experience and personal attributes which may be regarded as desirable for any individual to carry out the duties of the job.

Recruitment Advertisement

This must give details of the job content, any unique terms and conditions of service eg shift working, requirement to drive, location/access etc as well as key essential and desirable selection criteria contained in the person specification.

Information to Applicants

All applicants will be advised of the scheme should they wish to apply for a job under its terms. The application form provides applicants with the opportunity to state whether they have a disability.


Application forms must be matched against the person specification to readily highlight whether any applicant applying under the scheme meets all of the essential criteria for the job. If so, that applicant must be invited to attend for interview.

If there are genuine reservations about shortlisting an applicant, and further information about the disability is required in addition to that supplied in the application form, then Personnel should be contacted for advice.


Based on the person specification, reference letters should only ask for information relevant to the job. This, of course, is the case irrespective of whether the applicant is applying under the scheme or not. No isolated mention should be made of the disability itself.


The council has a legal obligation under the Disability Discrimination Act to ensure that arrangements for interviews do not place applicants with disabilities at a disadvantage to other applicants who are not disabled.

Accordingly it is suggested that departments insert the following paragraph in letters issued to applicants inviting them for interview.

'If you require assistance during the interview eg use of a signer or interpreter, mini loop induction facility, or require car parking within close proximity of the interview venue or if you have a disability which affects your access to/within buildings then please contact (named individual) at the above address who will be happy to provide you with assistance where possible'.

At interview it is acceptable to ask an applicant who has indicated a disability on their application form how it may affect their ability to carry out the duties of the job provided that the issue is dealt with positively and constructively.

Personnel can be contacted for advice and guidance on making reasonable adjustments to interview arrangements, working arrangements, the working environment or the job design if appropriate.

Unsuccessful Applicants

All unsuccessful Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme applicants, whether after shortlisting or interview, must be advised by letter. In addition the letter must draw their attention to the Employment Disability Unit, the services of which are available to them for assistance and guidance in job seeking skills. The individual can contact the Unit direct at Dovetail Enterprises, Dunsinane Avenue, Dundee, DD2 3QN or telephone 01382 828180.

Should you have any questions or wish clarification on the content of this Personnel Advisory Bulletin please contact the Personnel Section of Human Resources.

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