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Guidance Notes - Teaching vacancies (promoted)

Applying for a Job?

At Angus Council we are committed to having a high-quality recruitment process to help us choose and recruit staff and offer equal opportunities.

As our recruitment process is so important we have designed this guidance note to help you fill in your application form. It also lets you know how we will deal with your application.

We hope you find this guidance note helpful and wish you well in your application.

How we choose staff

For every job which we advertise there is a list of qualities (skills, experience and qualifications) needed for that job. Some of these qualities will be essential - you must have them to do the job, others will be desirable - that is they would be useful.

We assess all applications against the qualities we have asked for so that we can decide who we will invite for interview and to help us choose the successful applicant.

To allow us to assess your application you should include all the information which shows that you are suitable for the job. To help you do this you should read the job advert, job outline, person specification and any other information available.

If you are asked to come for an interview there will always be more than one person interviewing you. Members of the interview panel will have been trained to make sure no-one is treated more or less favourably than anyone else.

When filling in the application form

The monitoring form attached to the application form helps us monitor how effective our equal opportunities policies are. The information is used to produce statistics. Please help us by filling in the form and returning it along with your application.

Choosing referees

Please make sure one of your referees is your current or most recent employer or manager - your second referee may be a previous employer or another manager from your current employer.

If you have not been in paid work, your referees could be from an educational establishment, or someone you have done unpaid or voluntary work for. Please avoid using friends or people you know socially.

We will only contact referees if we ask you to come for an interview. We contact referees before interviews, but we would only do so with your permission.

If you are interested in job sharing

We welcome applications from job sharers, and all jobs are open to job sharing unless the job advert says otherwise.

Job sharing is a formal arrangement where two employees carry out all the duties of a full-time job. The pay and conditions of employment of the job are shared in proportion to the number of hours each job sharer works.

If you have a disability

As part of our commitment to offering equal opportunities we have a Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme. This means that we will interview anyone who thinks they have a disability and who, according to their application form, has the essential qualities needed for the job.

A disability is a physical or mental condition which has a substantial and long-term effect on your ability to carry out everyday activities.

If you believe that you have a disability, please make sure that you tick the box in the Declaration section of the application form. If you do this but you do not get the job, we offer the services of our Employment Disability Unit. This unit helps disabled people gain job-seeking skills and offers advice and counselling on employment and careers.

Acknowledgement of your application

We would like to acknowledge all applications we receive, but we cannot do this because of the costs involved. Applications received electronically will receive an automatic acknowledgement email.

If you are invited to an interview

After your interview you should be told of the outcome within two weeks. If you do not get the job and would like to know why, you can ask for an explanation.

For some jobs there are political restrictions. If this applies, information about these restrictions and how they may affect you are available online.

If you get the job

Your personal information

We will use the personal information you have provided for the purpose of assessing you for the job you have applied for. We will release your information to those involved in recruiting employees.

We will use the information you provided on the equal opportunities monitoring form to monitor equal opportunities. We will release your information (not your name or National Insurance number) to those involved in monitoring how effective our equal opportunities in employment policy is.

We will hold the information securely and will treat it as confidential unless the law says we must release it. Angus Council is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. This means we are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of all information we receive. You have the right to ask to see personal information that we hold about you and to have any mistakes corrected. If you want to do this, please contact the Head of Law and Administration on 01307 461460 or e-mail

If you think you have been treated unfairly

We hope you will not need to complain. But if you do, we will take the matter seriously. We aim to investigate all complaints and give a written response within four weeks. If you want to complain, please write to:

Assistant Chief Executive
Angus Council
Angus House
Orchardbank Business Park

Thank you for showing an interest in working for Angus Council

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