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APPENDIX to the minute of meeting of the Education Committee of 25 November 1997 (Article 4 refers)

MINUTE of SPECIAL MEETING of the JOINT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (TEACHERS) held in the Town and County Hall, Forfar on Tuesday, 4 November 1997 at 4.00 pm.

Present: Education Committee Representatives


Teachers' Representatives


Mr DRYSDALE, Convener, in the Chair.


With reference to Article 8 of the minute of meeting of the JCC (Teachers) of 2 October 1997, there was submitted a briefing note by the Director of Education and the Director of Personnel highlighting the specific issues which the teachers’ representatives had identified as requiring further consideration.

The meeting considered and dealt with the points as set out below:-

(i) Central Consultative Committee - Constitution - Membership (Clause 2(a)i)

It was agreed that the trade union or teacher association representation on this Committee should be on the basis of one representative per 300 members, or greater part thereof, subject to each union or association with in excess of 50 members being entitled to a minimum of one representative.

(ii) Joint Consultative Committee (Teachers) - Constitution

(a) Membership (Clause 2)

It was agreed that the word "teacher" be inserted before the word "trade" in paragraphs (a)(ii), (g)(i) and (g)(ii) of the constitution.

(b) Observers (Clause 2(h))

After a full discussion on the role of any observers and possible alternative means of ensuring effective liaison between the various unions/associations, it was agreed that the Director of Personnel should call a meeting of representatives of the teacher trade unions and non-teacher trade unions in an effort to resolve this issue prior to the meetings of the Education Committee on 24 November and Personnel and Property Services Committee on 2 December.

(c) Functions (Clause 3)

In response to a question by Arthur Pritchard, the Director of Education confirmed that the proposed new consitution was not intended to narrow the remit of the Committee in any respect. Accordingly, it was agreed that it be made clear that the terms of reference of the JCC (Teachers) extended across the entire range of school education, that the JCC (Teachers) could recommend the establishment of working groups, and that a note in the following terms be included in the proposed constitution.

"NOTE: The terms of reference of the Joint Consultative Committee (Teachers) will extend across the entire range of school education. The Joint Consultative Committee will consider matters relevant to the above functions and, if necessary, make recommendations to the Education Committee, including recommendations regarding possible establishment of working groups. The Council will not be bound to act on same unless and until the recommendations and views of the JCC (Teachers) are approved or adopted by the Council or, if competent by a Committee on the Council’s behalf. In addition, if any such recommendation has implications for non-teaching staff, it will be referred in the first instance to the JCC (Non-Teachers)."

It was further agreed that the final sentence of the Note would also be the subject of discussion at the meeting referred to in (ii)(b) above.

(d) Secretaries (Clause 4(b))

It was agreed that one of the Joint Secretaries of the proposed new JCC (Teachers) should be the Director of Law and Administration. However, it was also agreed that the following words be added, namely "that this arrangement will be subject to review".

(e) Quorum (Clause 4(f))

John Lusby asked that specific reference should be made in this Clause to a requirement for at least two elected members of the Council to be present for a meeting to be quorate. Councillors Milne and Mrs Ritchie confirmed that it would always be their intention to comply with this, but they did not wish to see meetings cancelled or adjourned if exceptional circumstances prevented two Councillors being present. After discussion, it was agreed that a sentence be added to Clause 4(f) to the effect that every effort would be made by the Convener and Vice-Convener of the Education Committee to ensure that at least 2 Councillors were in attendance, but that a meeting would not be invalid if only one were present at any stage.

(f) Convenership (Clause 4(a))

In addition to the foregoing and after hearing Brian McHardy, it was agreed that the Convenership of the JCC (Teachers) should alternate on an annual basis between the Convener of the Education Committee and a member appointed by those members representing the teachers’ trade unions, with the Vice-Convenership alternating on a similar basis.