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APPENDIX IV to the minute of meeting of the Personnel and Property Services Committee of Tuesday 29 April 1997 (Article 19 refers)

MINUTE of ADJOURNED MEETING of the EXECUTIVE SUB-COMMITTEE of the PERSONNEL AND PROPERTY SERVICES COMMITTEE held in the Town and County Hall, Forfar, on Thursday 17 April 1997 at 3.30 pm.


Councillor MURRAY, Convener, in the Chair.


The Sub-Committee resolved that the public and press should be excluded during the meeting so as to avoid the possible disclosure of exempt information as defined in Part I of Schedule 7A to the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (paragraph 8).


(a) Acquisition of Title

With reference to Article 6 of the minute of meeting of Angus Council of 27 March 1997 and Article 2 of the minute of meeting of this Sub-Committee of 15 April 1997 the Director of Law and Administration reported that, although there had been correspondence with the landowner’s solicitors subsequent to the meeting of this Sub-Committee of 15 April 1997, to date the negotiations had not reached a conclusion.

The Sub-Committee thereafter agreed:-

(i) in order to protect the Council's position, to make the General Vesting Declaration, giving the Council the right to enter upon and take possession of the land on 26 May 1997; and

(ii) to instruct the appropriate officials to continue negotiations with the landowner with a view to reaching a mutually agreeable conclusion to the negotiations.

(b) Acceptance of Tender

With reference to Article 6 of the minute of meeting of the Council of 27 March 1997 there was submitted Report No 356/97 by the Director of Property Services on tenders received for the construction of a new primary school in Brechin.

The Sub-Committee agreed:-

(i) to approve acceptance of the lowest tender for the several works for a 15 month contract period, that of Taycon Construction Ltd, Dundee in the amount of £1,656,505.79;

(ii) to approve the estimated total cost of £2,561,506 (at out-turn prices);

(iii) to approve negotiation by the Director of Property Services with the lowest tenderer for the provision of a nursery facility, within the terms and conditions of this contract, and submission of a further report to Committee;

(iv) to note that following award of Challenge Funding, overall provision for this project had been made in the Composite Capital Programme for 1997/98 and beyond;

(v) to note the additional revenue expenditure arising from this project (first full year 1999/2000) as detailed in the report; and

(vi) that entry be taken to the site no later than 26 May 1997, or earlier by prior agreement between the parties.