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APPENDIX to the minute of meeting of the Roads Committee of 26 April 2001 (Article 1(b) refers)

MINUTE of MEETING of the ARBROATH HARBOUR JOINT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE held in The Business Shop, 61 Marketgate, Arbroath on Friday 30 March 2001 at 3.30 pm.

Present: Roads Committee Representatives:


Harbour User Representatives:


Apologies: Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Councillors JACK GIBB and RICHARD SPEIRS and Mr BRYAN BECKET and Mr DENNIS BEATTIE.

Councillor KING, Convener, in the Chair.


The Convener welcomed those present to the meeting.


  1. Previous Meeting

    The minute of meeting of this Joint Consultative Committee of 10 November 2000 was submitted and approved as a correct record.

  2. Record of Informal Discussion

    The record of informal discussion immediately following above meeting was submitted and noted.


With reference to Article 3 of the minute of previous meeting, there was submitted Report No 375/01 by the Director of Roads providing an update on the activities and operations at Arbroath Harbour from November 2000 to 31 March 2001.

  1. Administrative Matters
    1. Financial update to the end of January 2001

      The Monitoring Statement to the end of January 2001 was attached as Appendix A to the Report. The projection to the end of the financial year showed financial costs to be below the budgeted level. The main saving on expenditure had been due to a gap in filling the post of Harbour Master. Dredging costs had also been lower than anticipated. Increased activity at the slipway accounted for higher income. The likely outturn on net expenditure was likely to be approximately £10K ­ £12K less than the budget figure.

      The Committee agreed to note the position.

    2. Renewal and Repair Fund

      The Committee agreed to note that £100,000 of the Roads and Transport Renewal and Repair funding would be allocated to essential works at Arbroath Harbour in the financial year 2001/2002 subject to available finance. A separate Report would be submitted to the Roads Committee in due course.

    3. Revised Schedule of Charges

      The Committee agreed to note the Schedule of Charges for the period from 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2003, a copy of which was appended to the Report. Further copies would be available at the Harbour Master's Office.

    4. Oil Spillage Contingency Plan

      The Oil Spillage Contingency Plan was in the final consultation and approval stage and should be available in April 2001. The Harbour Master and his Depute recently attended a three day Oil Spill Response Training Course. Once the Plan had been finalised, further on-site awareness training would be required to ensure procedures were fully understood by the relevant personnel. On-site booms, absorbents, etc, would also be purchased as required for the Tier 1 one response. The cost of these materials would be approximately £1100.

      The Director of Roads recommended the appointment of a contractor as the designated Tier 2 response contractor for the Harbour as set out in Appendix C to the Report. This response would be required in the event of a major incident and would need to be met by an on call, experienced contractor who was able to respond timeously.

      Following discussion, the Committee agreed:-

      1. to note that the Oil Spillage Contingency Plan should be available in April 2001; and
      2. to recommend to the Roads Committee the appointment of Briggs Environmental Marine Services Ltd, Aberdeen as the Tier 2 (major oil spill) response contractor.
    5. Port Marine Safety Code

      The Committee agreed to note that tenders had been issued to four contractors specialising in this type of work. The lowest tender from Ferriby Marine was accepted in January 2001 in the amount of £1,350. The initial study, by Ferriby Marine, would review existing arrangements and make recommendations to draw up a comprehensive health and safety plan to meet the standards set in the new Code. Work was due to commence in the first week in March 2001 and was programmed to take six weeks.

    6. Arbroath Sea Fest 2001

      The fifth Arbroath Sea Fest was being planned for the weekend of 18/19 August 2001. A core of popular features would be retained, particularly items which added to the family atmosphere of the event.

      New elements were also being planned including a giant fish market and seafood banquet and a main stage and bandstand in the lower Harbour car park area. Requests for the Harbour car park and coach park to be closed to traffic from 8 am to 5 pm were being made to the Traffic Co-Ordinating Group. A further request was being made for the closure of the Marketgate car park for a farmers' market.

      Efforts were being made to invite classic boats and other historic ships to attend. Unfortunately, the "Reaper" Barge was not available. However, Harry Simpson agreed to contact the owners of the Canal Boat from the Union Canal (currently being renovated) to seek permission for its use as an attraction at Seafest.

      The Committee agreed to note that the event was being co-ordinated by the Arbroath Sea Fest Co representing the partnership of local government, community and business groups. An Advisory Committee would be asked to contribute to detailed programme planning starting in March 2001.

    7. Various Small Boat Codes

      The high casualty figures for small boats had prompted the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) to introduce various Small Boats Codes of Practice.

      The Voluntary Code for Pleasure Vessels (of less than 13.7m in length) was an advisory code. Copies were available from the Harbour Master or any MCA office/station.

      The Code of Practice for Fishing Boats under 12m in length would be a mandatory code. All fishing vessels under 12m in length would be required to implement the new code and be inspected by the MCA once it came into effect on 1 April 2001.

      The Committee agreed to note the introduction of the new codes, that a life raft would have to be on board small fishing vessels after 1 April, and that a "fitness of vessel" assessment would also be enforced by the MCA.

    8. Existing MCA Safety Codes Of Practice

      The Report set out the existing MCA safety codes of practice and advised that during the period until 1 April 2001, all vessels were required to hold a valid safety certificate. Angus Council would continue to issue annual licences until such time as the MCA gave notification of any change.

      The Committee agreed to note that the new colour-coded MCA Safety Codes of the Practice were available for inspection from the Harbour Master, or could be purchased from Scottish Publication Sales, 71 Lothian Road, Edinburgh.

    9. Proposed Development at Arbroath Harbour

      The Committee agreed to note that a confidential update on progress had been reported to the Roads and Planning and Transport Committees on 25 January 2001. Discussions were still ongoing to find a suitable developer. A group of local businessmen were currently looking at possible proposals for development of the site.

      The Committee agreed to note that a further Report would be submitted in due course.

  2. Engineering Matters
    1. Update on Infrastructure Works in Current Financial Year

      The successful tender for the above works at Arbroath Harbour had been submitted by Tayside Contracts in the sum of £33,186.

      Due to adverse weather conditions, repairs to the West Breakwater Roundhead had been cancelled and alternative areas of repair had been identified, including grouting and works at Danger Point. In addition, several repairs had been carried out on pedestrian surfaces and walling features within the Harbour. The final cost of works for the Harbour contract would amount to £44,975.30.

      The Committee agreed to note that the cancelled West Breakwater repair would be carried out in the next financial year. The cost of the works would be funded from the proposed £100,000 allocation for Harbour projects within the Roads and Transport Renewal and Repair Fund subject to available finance.

    2. Miscellaneous Safety Repairs at Arbroath Harbour

      The following repairs would be carried out:-

      • the removal of two old walkways along the top of the old dock gates (temporary fencing would be erected until these repairs had been carried out);
      • replacement of the missing handrail at the steps beside the Leading Lights (Beacon Green); and
      • replacement of the loose handrail at the lifeboat shed steps.

      Having heard Mr Simpson express concern regarding the problem of carrying out maintenance works over the winter period, the Committee agreed to note that the current year maintenance works would be carried out over the summer period.

    3. Maintenance Dredging 2001/2002

      The contractor, D Cook Ltd of Hull, had carried out the dredging work within Arbroath Harbour for the past two years. The original contract had an option to extend the contract for a further two years.

      The Committee agreed to note that an extension of the contract had been successfully negotiated at the cost of £66,767 for 2001 and 2002. (Report No 1109/00 refers). The Harbour Master was currently seeking a new licence to deposit dredged materials offshore and, subject to receipt of a licence, work would be programmed for the summer period.

    4. Proposed Provision of Shower/Toilet Facilities at the Fishmarket

      The current toilet facilities within the Harbour were limited and provision of a new shower/toilet facility had been sought by users of visiting vessels. Preliminary drawings for a new toilet facility had been completed by the Council's Property Services Department and costs were estimated at £8,000.

      The Committee agreed to note:-

      1. that the cost of the facility would be met by Angus Council and PESCA grant;
      2. that Guidelines on use of the facility would be drawn up for Harbour users, including access to the key from the Harbour Master or Arbroath Fisherman's Association.


Members agreed to note the following programme of meetings to be held at 3.30 pm in the Business Shop, 61 Marketgate, Arbroath:-

Friday 9 November, 2001
Friday 29 March 2002

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