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Tayside Joint Police Board

Reports 1999

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Report No Title Date
PB1/99Property Strategy15.02.99
PB2/99Proposed refurbishment/replacement of Broughty Ferry Police Station15.02.99
PB3/99Cost of Preparing Best Value Submission15.02.99
PB4/99Implications of Policing the Millennium15.02.99
PB5/99Interim Crime Statistics April - December 199815.02.99
PB6/99New Years Honours List15.02.99
PB7/99Policing Plan15.02.99
PB8/99Credit to the Force15.02.99
PB9/99Community Planning15.02.99
PB10/99Part 3 Police Act 199715.02.99
PB11/99Tayside Police non-emergency telephone number15.02.99
PB12/99Public Safety Radio Communications Project (PSRCP)15.02.99
PB13/99Professional Standards Update15.02.99
PB14/99Human Rights Act 199815.02.99
PB15/991999/2000 Revenue Budget15.02.99
PB16/99Tayside Joint Police Board Audited Accounts15.02.99
PB17/99Police (Conduct) (Senior Officers) (Scotland) Regulations 199609.03.99
PB18/99Millennium Issues24.05.99
PB19/99Renewal and Repair Fund Policy Statement24.05.99
PB20/99Treasury Management Policy Statement24.05.99
PB21/99External Audit Reports to Members and Controller of Audit - 1996/97 and 1997/9824.05.99
PB22/99Professional Standards Update24.05.99
PB23/99Public Safety Radio Communications Project (PSRCP)29.06.99
PB24/99Queen's Birthday Honours List29.06.99
PB24(b)/99Review of Sub-Committees 26.08.99
PB25/99Succession Planning - Establishment of an Appointments Committee for Chief Officers23.08.99
PB26/99Complaints Meeting - Examination of Cases by Elected Members23.08.99
PB27/99The Human Rights Act 199823.08.99
PB28/99Millennium Issues23.08.99
PB29/99Unaudited Abstract of Accounts 1998/9923.08.99
PB30/99Police Dependants Trust23.08.99
PB31/99The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry - An Action Plan for Scotland23.08.99
PB32/99Quarterly Crime Statistics, March 1999 - June 199923.08.99
PB33/99Police Pay Award 199923.08.99
PB34/99Review of Charges for Services of Police Officers23.08.99
PB35/99Speed Enforcement Strategy23.08.99
PB36/99African Executive Policing Conference, Durban23.08.99
PB37/99Air Support - (Appendices exempt)23.08.99
PB38/99Site Sharing Arrangements on Police Radio Masts23.08.99
PB39/99Public Safety Radio Communications Project (PSRCP)23.08.99
PB40/99Professional Standards Update23.08.99
PB41/99Professional Standards Update09.11.99
PB42/99Quarterly Crime Statistics April 1999 - September 199908.11.99
PB43/99CS Incapacitant Spray08.11.99
PB44/99Police Forensic Science Laboratory Dundee - Investors in People Accreditation08.11.99
PB45/99"Pass Plus" Scheme08.11.99
PB46/99Millennium Issues08.11.99
PB47/99Audit of Property08.11.99
PB48/992000-2001 Revenue Budget Timetable08.11.99
PB49/99Financial Plan 2000-2001 to 2002-200308.11.99
PB50/99Award of Wildlife Law Enforcer of the Year08.11.99
PB51/99Overview Reports on the 1996/97 and 1997/98 Audits of Scottish Local Authorities by the Controller of Audit08.11.99
PB52/99Air Support08.11.99
PB53/99Operational Buildings Programme - Proposed Acquisition08.11.99
PB54/99Tayside Joint Police Board Audited Accounts for year ended 31 March 199908.11.99
PB55/99External Audit Report to Members and the Controller of Audit 1998/9908.11.99
PB56/99Employment Tribunal Application06.01.00
PB57/992000/2001 Provisional Revenue Budget06.01.00
PB58/99Revenue Monitoring Statement and Provisional Outturn06.01.00
PB59/99Capital Monitoring Statement06.01.00
PB60/99Support Staff Working Arrangements over the Millennium Period06.01.00
PB61/99Treasury Management Annual Report 1998/9906.01.00
PB62/99Role of Audit Committee - Remit for Finance Sub-Committee06.01.00
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