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Tayside Joint Police Board

Reports 2004

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Report No Title Date
PB1/2004The New Years Honours List Award26.01.04
PB2/2004Operational Policing Update26.01.04
PB3/20042004/2005 Revenue Budget26.01.04
PB4/2004Race Equality Scheme : Action Plan Update26.01.04
PB5/2004Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act - Tayside Joint Police Board Draft Publication Scheme26.01.04
PB6/2004Prisoner Escort and Court Custody Project26.01.04
PB7/2004Financial Plan 2004/5-2006/726.01.04
PB8/20043 Year Revenue Budget 2004/5-2006/726.01.04
PB9/2004Attendance Management Update09.02.04
PB10/2004Police Pensions (Scotland) Amendment Regs 2003 and Associated Guidance on the Management of Ill Health Retirement09.02.04
PB11/2004Professional Standards Update09.02.04
PB12/2004Rev Monitoring Statement and Provisional Outturn23.03.04
PB13/2004Capital Monitoring Statement23.03.04
PB14/2004Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2004/523.03.04
PB15/2004Miscellaneous Account - Debt Write-Off23.03.04
PB16/2004Corporate Governance 2003-2004 Update23.03.04
PB17/20042004/2005 Audit Plan and Risk Assessed Audit Needs23.03.04
PB18/2004Implementing Best Value In The Scottish Police Service23.03.04
PB19/2004Best Value Review of Data Maintenance - Final Update Action Plan23.03.04
PB20/2004Best Value Review of Fraud Branch - Final Update Action Plan23.03.04
PB21/2004Best Value Review of Police Surgeons Service - Update Action Plan23.03.04
PB22/2004Best Value Review of Sickness Absence Management - Update Action Plan23.03.04
PB23/2004Best Value Review of Custody Care and Prisoner Handling23.03.04
PB24/2004Independent Custody Visitors Scheme-Progress17.05.04
PB25/2004Operational Policing Update17.05.04
PB26/2004Race Equality Scheme - Action Plan Update17.05.04
PB27/2004Western Division Command - Chief Supt R Main17.05.04
PB28/2004Airwave Purchasing Consortium17.05.04
PB29/2004Chief Officers' Pay and Conditions20.05.04
PB30/2004Police (Conduct) (Senior Officers)(Scotland) Regulations20.05.04
PB31/2004Chief Officers Pay Award20.05.04
PB32/2004Professional Standards Update01.06.04
PB33/2004Complaints against the Police referred to HMCIC01.06.04
PB34/2004TJPB Unaudited Abstract of A/Cs to 31.03.0428.06.04
PB35/2004Attendance Management Update01.06.04
PB36/2004Managing Overtime28.06.04
PB37/2004Special Events Planning28.06.04
PB38/2004Amendments to Standing Orders23.08.04
PB39/2004Independent Custody Visiting Association - Annual Conference 200423.08.04
PB40/2004HMIC for Scotland - Review of Tayside Police, Primary Inspection of 200223.08.04
PB41/2004Operational Policing Update23.08.04
PB42/2004Race Equality Scheme - Action Plan Update23.08.04
PB43/2004Police Pay Award 200423.08.04
PB44/2004Review of Charges for the Services of Police Officers23.08.04
PB45/2004Proposals to Utilise the General Reserve 2004/0523.08.04
PB46/2004Tender for the Provision of Airwave Vehicle Terminal Installation23.08.04
PB47/2004Best Value Review of Information Technology Training -Final Update Action Plan31.08.04
PB48/2004Best Value Review of Tenure of Post - Final Update Action Plan31.08.04
PB49/2004Best Value Review of Sickness Absence Management - Final Update Action Plan31.08.04
PB50/2004Best Value Annual Report31.08.04
PB51/2004Attendance Management and Early Retirement Update06.09.04
PB52/2004Tayside Joint Police Board 2003/2004 Audit - Managing Sickness Absence06.09.04
PB53/2004Request to Transfer Previous Service06.09.04
PB54/2004Professional Standards Update06.09.04
PB55/2004Appeal against the Decision to refuse a Career Break01.11.04
PB56/2004Operational Policing Update08.11.04
PB57/2004Race Equality Scheme Action Plan Update08.11.04
PB58/20042005/2006 Revenue Budget Timetable08.11.04
PB59/2004Tayside Joint Police Board Audited Abstract of Accounts for Year Ended 31 March 200408.11.04
PB60/2004Best Value Annual Report08.11.04
PB61/2004Review of Police GAE08.11.04
PB62/2004Special Events Planning - Update08.11.04
PB63/2004Security Report08.11.04
PB64/2004Occupational Health Provider - first year update23.11.04
PB65/2004PNB Reform - Update23.11.04
PB66/2004Recruitment Update23.11.04
PB67/2004Chief Officers Pay and Conditions Service23.11.04
PB68/2004Professional Standards Update23.11.04
PB69/2004Revenue Monitoring Statement and Provisional Outturn14.12.04
PB70/2004Capital Monitoring Statement14.12.04
PB71/2004Treasury Management Annual Report - 2003/414.12.04
PB72/2004Audit Committee Matters - Internal Audit Report and Annual Assurance Statement14.12.04
PB73/2004Audit Committee Matters - External Audit14.12.04
PB74/20042005/2006 Provisional Revenue Budget14.12.04
PB75/2004Best Value Review of Estates Management - Final Update Action Plan14.12.04
PB76/2004Best Value Review of Police Surgeon Service - Final Update Action Plan14.12.04
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