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Social Work and Health - Committee Reports 2009

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Report No Title Date
1/09 Consultation on Guidance on the Role of the Chief Social Work Officer 08.01.09
2/09 Update on Scottish Government Interim Guidance on Kinship Care and Its Impact on the Angus Scheme 08.01.09
3/09 MacMillan Tayside Welfare Benefits Project 08.01.09
4/09 Developments in Joint Work to Address Literacy and Numeracy Problems Faced by Offenders 08.01.09
5/09 Response from Angus Council on Recovery of Expenditure for Provision of Social Care Consultation on Regulations and Revised Guidance on Ordinary Residence 08.01.09
6/09 Registration with the Scottish Social Services Council: Consultation on Final Dates 08.01.09
7/09 Surplus Property - Shop at North Street, Forfar 08.01.09
8/09 Tendering of External Housing Support Services (Services not Specifically Linked to Accommodation) 08.01.09
9/09 Best Value Review of Older People's Services 08.01.09
152/09 Fees and Charges for Residential and Nursing Care, Non-Residential Fees and Charges for Adults and Fees and Allowances for Children's Services 17.02.09
153/09 HMIE Follow - Through Joint Inspection of Services to Protect Children in the Angus Area 17.02.09
154/09 Consultation Response to Draft Equipment and Adaptations Guidance for Health and Local Authority Partnerships 17.02.09
252/09 Service Level Agreements09/2010 09.04.09
270/09 Review of Non-Residential Fees and Charges, Fees and Additional Service Charges for Residential and Nursing Homes and Fees and Allowances for Services 09.04.09
271/09 Redesign of Learning Disability Services 09.04.09
272/09 Protecting Scotland's Communities: Fair, Fast and Flexible Justice 09.04.09
273/09 Right Track 16-21 Service - Enhanced Support for Younger Offenders 09.04.09
274/09 Contract for the Provision of Support Services for Adults with Mental Health Problems 09.04.09
275/09 Great Britain Special Olympic Summer Games 2009 09.04.09
276/09 Approval of Appointment Under Standing Order Number 49 09.04.09
407/09 Report Regarding Comments sent by Angus Council Social Work and Health to the Scottish Government in Response to the Request for Written Evidence for the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland)Bill 2009 21.05.09
408/09 Enhancement of Social Work and Health Drug and Alcohol Service 21.05.09
409/09 Revised Smoking Policy for Foster Carers/Adoptive Parents 21.05.09
410/09 Angus Domestic Abuse Alarm Scheme 21.05.09
411/09 Social Work and Health Department: Revised Management Arrangements 21.05.09
516/09 Social Work And Health Revenue And Capital Budget Outturn 2008/2009 21.05.09
517/09 Social Work And Health Department Annual Report 2008/2009 21.05.09
518/09 The Annual Report Of The Angus Adult Protection Committee 2008/2009 21.05.09
519/09 Angus Integrated Plan For Children And Young People's Services 2009/2012 21.05.09
520/09 Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill 21.05.09
521/09 Revised Smoking Policy For Foster Carers/Adoptive Parents/Kinship Carers 21.05.09
522/09 Proposed Works To Gardens At Beech Hill House, Forfar 21.05.09
523/09 Approval Of Appointment Under Standing Order No 49 21.05.09
671/09 Social Work Inspection Agency - Scrutiny Activity in Angus 24.09.09
672/09 Chief Social Work Officer's Report 24.09.09
673/09 Tayside Community Justice Authority Annual Report 2008/2009 24.09.09
674/09 Angus Child Protection Committee Annual Report and Business Plan 2008/2009 24.09.09
675/09 Consultation on the role of the Registered Social Worker in Contributing to Better Outcomes for Scotland: Guidance for Local Authorities 24.09.09
676/09 Sex Offender Community Disclosure Pilot Project - Tayside 24.09.09
804/09 2009/2013 Financial Plan and 2010/2011 Capital Budget 12.11.09
805/09 Social Work and Health Revenue and Capital Budget Outturn 2009/2010 12.11.09
806/09 Social Work and Health Mid Term Service Performance Report 12.11.09
807/09 Forfarshire Society For the Blind - Future Service Delivery Arrangements 12.11.09
808/09 Introduction of child Protection Messaging 12.11.09
809/09 National Eligibility Criteria and Waiting Times for the Personal and Nursing Care of Older People 12.11.09
810/09 Consultation on the Review of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003 12.11.09
811/09 The Scottish Government's Response to Comments Regarding the Draft Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill 12.11.09
812/09 The Provision of Support Services for Adults with Mental Health Problems 12.11.09
813/09 Contract for Care and Housing Support for People with Learning Disabilities at Walton Mill, Dundee 12.11.09
814/09 Proposed Extension of the Current Contract for the Short Breaks Service for Adults with Learning Disabilities 12.11.09
825/09 Housing (Scotland) Act 2006: Developing a Scheme of Assistance for Angus 07.01.10
850/09 2010/2011 Revenue Budget 12.11.09
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