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Tayside Joint Police Board

Reports 2010

NOTE: all committee reports below are in PDF format with a typical file size of less than 100 KB.

Report No Title Date
PB01/2010Revenue Monitoring Statement And Provisional Outturn11.01.10
PB02/2010Capital Monitoring Statement11.01.10
PB03/20102010/2011 Provisional Revenue Budget11.01.10
PB04/2010Tayside Police and Joint Board Best Value Audit - December 200901.02.10
PB05/2010Guidance & Role Responsibilities for Board Members01.02.10
PB06/2010Operational Policing Update01.02.10
PB07/2010Strategic Priorities 2010/201101.02.10
PB08/2010Tayside Police Staff Survey 200901.02.10
PB09/2010Tayside Police - Vision and Values01.02.10
PB10/20102010/2011 Revenue Budget01.02.10
PB11/2010Scottish Policing Board01.02.10
PB12/2010Extension of Contact of a Former Chief Constable01.02.10
PB13/2010Attendance Management and Employee Wellbeing22.02.10
PB14/2010Pay Reform - 2009 Update22.02.10
PB15/2010Professional Standards Update22.02.10
PB16/2010Revenue Monitoring Statement and Provisional Outturn29.03.10
PB17/2010Capital Monitoring Statement29.03.10
PB18/2010Miscellaneous Accounts - Debt Write-Off29.03.10
PB19/2010Report Number Not Issued
PB20/2010Internal Audit Plan Update Report29.03.10
PB21/2010Internal Audit Reports29.03.10
PB22/2010External Audit Report29.03.10
PB23/2010Corporate Risk Register29.03.10
PB24/2010Information Systems Community Security Policy29.03.10
PB25/2010Inspection by HMIC - Police National Computer Re-Inspection 200929.03.10
PB26/2010Joint Thematic Inspection by HMIC and Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland - Proceeds of Crime Act 200229.03.10
PB27/2010Inspection by HMIC - Inspection of Very High Priority Areas29.03.10
PB28/2010Cost of Damage to Police Vehicles29.03.10
PB29/2010Business Change Exception Report29.03.10
PB30/2010Renewal of Insurance Contracts29.03.10
PB31/2010Treasury Management Report29.03.10
PB32/2010Police Treatment Centre Contribution29.03.10
PB33/2010Recruitment of Chief Officer - Deputy Chief Constable29.03.10
PB33A/2010Operational Policing Update10.05.10
PB34/2010Best Value Review of Operational Policing10.05.10
PB35/2010Best Value Review of Protective Services10.05.10
PB36/2010Equality Schemes Update10.05.10
PB37/2010Financial Plan10.05.10
PB38/2010Community Security Policy (CSP)10.05.10
PB39/2010Post Staff Survey Focus Groups - December 2009-March 201010.05.10
PB40/2010Contracts Awarded for the Period 1 October 2009 - 31 March 201010.05.10
PB41/2010Health & Safety Report10.05.10
PB42/2010Cycle to Work Scheme10.05.10
PB43/2010Replacement Child Protection Facility in Dundee10.05.10
PB44/2010Exercise Castle Rock10.05.10
PB45/2010Boiler Contract Paper10.05.10
PB46/2010Attendance Management and Employee Wellbeing17.05.10
PB47/2010Job Evaluation Update17.05.10
PB48/2010SDU, Personnel & Development Department Update17.05.10
PB49/2010Professional Standards Update17.05.10
PB50/2010Secondment of Senior Officer31.05.10
PB51/2010Recruitment of Chief Officer - Deputy Chief Constable02.06.10
PB52/2010Internal Audit Plan Update Report21.06.10
PB53/2010Internal Audit Reports21.06.10
PB54/2010Chief Internal Auditor's Annual Report: Corporate Governance and Internal Financial Control21.06.10
PB55/2010External Audit Report21.06.10
PB56/2010Corporate Self Assessment21.06.10
PB57/2010Business Benefits Report21.06.10
PB58/2010Business Change Exception Report21.06.10
PB59/2010Staff Survey Action Plans21.06.10
PB60/2010Thematic Inspection by HMIC - Attendance Management21.06.10
PB61/2010Tayside Joint Police Board - Unaudited Abstract of Accounts for the Year Ending 31 March 201028.06.10
PB62/2010The Chief Constable's Annual Performance Report 2009/201028.06.10
PB63/2010Report Number Not Issued
PB64/2010Governance of Improvement Activity28.06.10
PB65/2010Business Benefits Report 2009/1028.06.10
PB66/2010Best Value Audit and Inspection and Community Planning Partnership Arrangements for Tayside28.06.10
PB67/2010Review of Standing Orders28.06.10
PB68/2010Audit of Complaints Oversight, Scrutiny and Handling28.06.10
PB69/2010Complaint Handling Procedure28.06.10
PB70/2010Force Strategic Learning and Development Plan 2010-201128.06.10
PB71/2010Scottish Police Services Authority 5 Years Strategic Plan23.08.10
PB72/2010Independent Custody Visiting Scheme 2009-201023.08.10
PB73/2010Setting of the Prudential Indicators for 2010/201123.08.10
PB74/2010Funding for Major Incidents - Request from Grampian Joint Police Board23.08.10
PB75/2010Force Governance Framework23.08.10
PB76/2010Transforming Tayside (Fit for the Future)23.08.10
PB77/2010Proposals to Utilise of General Reserve in 2010/201123.08.10
PB78/2010Equality Scheme's Update23.08.10
PB79/2010Operational Policing Update23.08.10
PB79A/2010Operational Policing Update23.08.10
PB80/2010Attendance Management and Employee Wellbeing27.09.10
PB81/2010Internal Audit Plan Update Report27.09.10
PB82/2010Corporate Risk Register27.09.10
PB83/2010Tayside Police Audit 2010 and National Overview Report27.09.10
PB84/2010Inspection by HMIC - Police National Computer (PNC) National Overview27.09.10
PB85/2010Tayside Police Performance Results27.09.10
PB86/2010Tayside Police Performance Results27.09.10
PB87/2010Airwave System Security27.09.10
PB88/2010Professional Standards Update27.09.10
PB89/2010Treasury Management 2009/2010 Annual Report27.09.10
PB90/2010Tayside Joint Police Board - Review of Financial Regulations 27.09.10
PB91/2010Tayside Joint Police Board Audited Statement of Accounts for year ended 31 March 2010 and the Auditor's Report to Members 27.09.10
PB92/2010The Constitution of the Police Authorities' Conveners Forum15.11.10
PB93/2010Best Value Improvement Plan15.11.10
PB94/2010Police Complaints Commissioner - Audit of Police Authority Complaints Oversight Functions15.11.10
PB95/2010Collaborative Working Between Tayside Police and Tayside Fire and Rescue15.11.10
PB96/2010Community Engagement Strategy15.11.10
PB97/2010Follow-up Review of Children and Young Persons Protection Committee15.11.10
PB98/2010Operational Policing Update15.11.10
PB99/2010Transforming Tayside (Fit for the Future) Update15.11.10
PB100/2010Contract Awards for the Period 1 April to 30 September 201015.11.10
PB101/20102011/12 Revenue Budget Timetable15.11.10
PB102/2010Review of Charges for Services of Police Officers 201015.11.10
PB103/2010Report Number Not Issued
PB104/2010Treasury Management 2010/2011 Mid-Year Review Report15.11.10
PB105/2010Voluntary Redundancy and Early Retirement Scheme Offer15.11.10
PB106/2010Redundancy Policy - Police Staff15.11.10
PB107/2010Operational Policing Update - Part 215.11.10
PB108/2010Debtors Report15.11.10
PB109/2010Job Evaluation Update06.12.10
PB110/2010Attendance Management and Employee Wellbeing06.12.10
PB111/2010Force Stress Audit06.12.10
PB112/2010Professional Standards Update06.12.10
PB113/2010Internal Audit Plan Update Report13.12.10
PB114/2010Internal Audit Reports13.12.10
PB115/2010Internal Audit Provision 2011/12 Onwards13.12.10
PB116/2010Self Evaluation Update 2010/1113.12.10
PB117/2010Business Change and Improvement Exception Report13.12.10
PB118/2010Performance and Public Consultation Update13.12.10
PB119/2010Corporate Risk Register13.12.10
PB120/2010HMIC Annual Report 2009/201013.12.10
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