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Family and local history research may seem a big subject when you are just beginning. To help you get started we have gathered a number of helpful articles together under the Getting Started banner. These include:

Getting started in... family history.

If you are visiting Angus Archives to research your family history, we recommend that you do some preparation work in advance. This will allow you to get more out of your visit.

Take the time to gather any facts about your ancestors that you can - names, dates, places, relationships, occupations. Search out any certificates held by family members. These are the key facts that will assist us to guide you to further useful sources. Organise what you know, perhaps through a family history software package. Decide what you still want to know. Is it where your ancestor was buried, is it the contents of his will, is it the census return showing the whole family? Your question will determine where you will find the answer.

It is useful to have read a book about how to do family history research, consulted a website, or joined a family history society.

A useful website to consult is under "Getting Started". You can access births, marriages and deaths after 1855, and wills, on this fee paying site.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the Angus Registrar's offices to utilise their facilities and access Scotlandspeople website from there.

Arbroath Registrar
69 High Street, Arbroath

Forfar Registrar
9 West High Street, Forfar

Montrose Registrar
51 John Street, Montrose

Getting started in... house history

Researching the history of your house is increasingly popular. You will find some suggestions on how to do this in our house history feature.

Getting started in... local research

To give you a flavour of the type of resources available in Angus Archives, we are compiling a series of articles on sources for each major town, showing what is available, time periods covered, and why a certain type of resource will be useful to you. We also offer a series of articles on the general history of a various towns and villages.

Getting started in... biographical research

Some people can be very elusive, while others leave many records behind them. To help you get started in tracking down an individual have a look at our article on People and how to find (some) of them

Getting started in... useful resources

To help you make the most of some useful resources, such as newspapers, the Dean of guild collection of plans etc, we have compiled a handy guide to getting the best out of them.

Eg newspapers are a rich and varied source of local information. However, few are indexed so they do require some time to benefit from them

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