Angus Archives - Major Manuscript Collections

The manuscript collection comprises records belonging to individuals, businesses, clubs and societies. They provide information about people, events, social history and buildings. This collection currently numbers over 700 sets of records ranging from a single poem to large collections of family papers. Full details of these collections can be found on the CALM database held in Angus Archives.

Angus Archives produces catalogues of the collections it holds for the Angus burgh records. These describe the items held, the names of some of the people concerned and indicate subject content. In many cases our catalogues describe collections down to item level, describing single pieces of paper

Descriptions of collections and details of holdings can also be found on the Scottish Archive Network(SCAN) site at

The items listed below are examples of the major holdings within the collection, organised by area, for convenience. Some catalogues have been made available in full.

All collections are available for inspection in the Angus Archives search room.

Photocopying charges apply. It may be necessary on occasion to decline to photocopy an archival item due to its fragile condition.











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