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There are many resources available for the study of Carnoustie's past. Some are held in Carnoustie Library while others are housed in Angus Archives at the Hunter Library, Restenneth Priory, by Forfar. In addition, there are sources available in the National Archives of Scotland, such as Kirk Session records for Barry and Panbride which can be identified at

Genealogy sources

Carnoustie Library holds a good range of genealogical sources such as Old Parish Registers and the census (1841-1901) on microfilm plus the IGI on microfiche. The town of Carnoustie encompasses 2 parishes: Barry and Panbride. You may need to search in both if you do not have a specific location. Barry is the most likely parish, with the majority of the town resting within it.

Post 1855 birth, marriage and death certificates are available at

Pre-1855 birth and marriage registers are available at (fee paying) or at (free)

All Angus burials records are available

The Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions of Angus are available in Carnoustie Library and Angus Archives.

Angus Archives holds the Valuation Roll collection for the whole of Angus. Carnoustie is covered from 1885 onwards. This collection is incomplete.

Books held in Carnoustie Library's local history collection can be identified by searching the online catalogue.


Carnoustie Golf Course

Guide and Gazette

The main newspaper for Carnoustie is commonly referred to as the Guide and Gazette. It has a variety of longer and more formal titles such as the Broughty Ferry Guide and Carnoustie Gazette, dating mainly from 1906. Only more recent years are kept as unbound copies, the remainder being available on microfilm. These are available in Carnoustie Library only.

Newspapers are an invaluable source of local history.

Carnoustie Library holds the following newspapers on microfilm:

Newspaper cuttings

Carnoustie also holds copies of volumes of newspaper cuttings albums, compiled by a private donor and reflecting their interests. They date from 1921 to the 1950s. Golf is a major topic but other topics are covered. Both Carnoustie Library and Angus Archives have copies of these albums in their local history collections.

Please note that the newspapers are not indexed. Angus Archives is compiling an index for the newspaper cuttings. If you need to search the newspapers you should try to narrow your search down as much as possible and allow yourself a reasonable amount of time for your search.


Carnoustie Library holds a small collection of maps, mainly Ordnance Survey, and including Roy's Military Survey 1747 - 1755 and late 18th century boundary maps of local farms. Angus Archives holds the earliest plan of Carnoustie estate of 1791.

Archival sources for Carnoustie held by Angus Archives

Angus Archives holds an Angus wide collection of genealogy resources including OPR's, the IGI, Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions etc. In addition, the archive holds unique resources.

Town Council records

Carnoustie has a large collection of town council records (68 KB PDF)Opens in a new window dating from 1895 to 1975. These records include Town Council minutes, police commissioner records, police court records (100 years closure period applies), a good sequence of Dean of Guild plans and petitions, and other smaller, patchy sequences plus ephemera.

These records are housed in an out store and must be requested in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Dean of Guild plans for Carnoustie are not complete but do cover 316 properties, private and commercial, constructed or altered between 1895 and 1975. A street index is available to researchers in the archive search room.

Angus County Council records

Busy Bees


County council records are largely organised by parish, so to get a complete picture of Carnoustie, you need to consider searches in both Barry and Panbride parishes, or know in advance in which parish an ancestor lived.

School records, admissions registers and log books, have survived for both parishes and are subject to the Data Protection Act, depending on their dates. Please check with the archive team on your specific requirements.

Poor relief

Barry parochial records date back to 1845 and include items such as the Register of Poor Persons in Barry. Barry Parochial Board records can be found at ACC 9/6 and those of Panbride at ACC9/45. The poor relief records have been indexed and are the index is available in the archive search room.

Please note - Poor relief records are subject to a 75 year closure period. Items out with a closure period must be ordered in advance.

Angus Archives Miscellaneous Collection (MS)

There are some Carnoustie items in the Miscellaneous collection. These include:

Other sources

Angus Archives holds a number of other sources for Carnoustie history:

The Carnoustie Chartulary which details feuing from the Carnoustie estate between 1823 to 1904.

Carnoustie Photograph Collection

Angus Archives holds a variety of images of the town and its people from the late 19th century to more recently. Images include street views, Provosts, the golf courses and seafront and various Pierrot entertainers, buildings, transport etc

Contact sheets of the collection are available in Carnoustie Library.

New additions to this collection are always welcome.

There is a gallery of some of the Carnoustie Photographic Collection (1.25 MB PDF)Opens in a new window and will be updated on a regular basis.

Copies of images can be purchased for the standard charge.

Carnoustie Research Files

Angus Archives has a growing collection of files on Carnoustie industry, seaside entertainers, recreation, commerce, personalities, historic buildings, and many other topics.

You can contact Angus Archives at:

Angus Archives
Hunter Library
Restenneth Priory
By Forfar

01307 468644

Fiona Scharlau, Archives Manager

Please contact the Angus Archives team who will be happy to answer any queries relating to Arbroath sources.

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