Inglis Memorial Hall Library Visitor Centre, Edzell

About the museum

In 1898, Lieutenant Colonel Robert William Inglis, the son of a local minister, gifted the Inglis Memorial Hall and its library to Edzell.

Come and view an original Victorian library, find out how it worked and how it served the people of Edzell. Explore the audio visual presentation featuring the Colonel and his family, the building and opening of the hall and library and places to visit in and around Edzell.

The library's collection is a fascinating glimpse into a unique survival of a late Victorian library, reflecting what was considered of interest and importance in both fiction and non-fiction. The loan records for the first half of the twentieth century also survived, showing what the public liked to borrow. A digitised catalogue, Cotgreave Indicator, is available for researchers and includes a scanned image of the cover and a sample page.

upper library and graphic displays  The Cotgreave Indicator

Replica Library Scene The original Stained Glass Windows

Touch screen audio visual kiosk Original library table and audio visual kiosk

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