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Building Construction Related Tender Opportunities Below £500,000 in Value

If any parties wish to be considered for Property Division construction and/or maintenance works up to a value of £500,000 please apply in writing, with your pre-qualification service information, to the address below.

Senior Programmes Manager
Angus Council
Corporate Services
Property Division
Bruce House

Telephone: 01241 435189
Fax: 01241 435111

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Angus Council Corporate Services - Property Division currently use Constructionline as its main pre-qualification service for construction and maintenance related tendered works up to a value of £500,000. If you are a member of Constructionline, please provide your Constructionline registration number. If you are not a member of Constructionline you may apply using the details below. If you are registered with an equivalent pre-qualification service please submit details so that its suitability can be assessed.

Contact details for Constructionline:

Once Constructionline (or equivalent) has been consulted and checks have been carried out on Health & Safety matters, suitable contractors will be available for selection to receive tender documents. Please note that the Property Division do not maintain specific standing lists for various individual types of works and parties requiring further details relating to their areas of interest can contact the Property Division at the address above.

Although contractors may be available for selection Angus Council does not guarantee inclusion on any tender lists. Angus Council also reserves the right to advertise and seek expressions of interest and/or tenders from parties for specific contract opportunities where it judges that it is in the council's interests to do so.

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