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Supplying to Angus Council

The following information offers basic guidance to suppliers on how the council contracts for provision to it of goods, services and works. Further information is available from the council's Corporate Procurement team (contact details are given on the main Contracts and Tenders page).

Approved/Standing Lists or Similar Arrangements

Roads Infrastructure

Angus Council's Roads Department only maintains standing lists of approved suppliers for roads infrastructure-related contracts, including construction and maintenance, of a value up to £500,000. These lists are maintained in the following categories:

The lists are currently under review and were advertised for applications recently. For more information about the roads infrastructure standing lists, you should contact the council's Roads Department as follows:- e-mail to or telephone 01307 473204.

Building Construction

Property Division of the council's Corporate Services Department do not maintain formal approved/standing lists as such but do make use of the national DTI sponsored pre-approval service Constructionline on a similar basis for contracts of a value up to £500,000.

Angus Council is committed to improving the Health and Safety of persons working on or affected by construction works carried out on land or properties owned or run by the Council.

As part of this process the Property Division of the Corporate Services Department have produced Health & Safety Performance Standards (456 KB PDF)Opens in a new window. These "Standards" are issued as a loose leaf document in order that any updates or additional standards can be easily incorporated. The document embodies good practices and procedures with regard to Health & Safety in construction work.

Contractors, and any subcontractors they employ, should ensure that they are aware of and take cognisance of the contents of this document. As any updates or amendments are issued please ensure these are incorporated in the "Standards".

All tender documents issued by the Property Division incorporate reference to these "Standards" and all Contractors selected for inclusion on tender lists will be required to take cognisance of the aforementioned "Standards".

Specialist Landfill Engineering Works

The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division maintains a standing list of approved suppliers for specialist engineering works related to the management of Restenneth Landfill Site, near Forfar up to a value of £500,000. For more information abnout the specialist landfill engineering works standing list, you should contact the council's Environmental and Consumer Protection Division as follows:- e-mail to or telephone 01307 473233.

Other Arrangements

For all other supplies, services and works, the council fulfils its legal obligation to seek competition in the award of its contracts by either:-

The principal CPB's which the council may make use of in this way are:-

Tayside Procurement Consortium has produced a short guide for Suppliers on procurement arrangements for the 3 Tayside Councils. It is available at this link - Selling to the Tayside Councils.

Contract Opportunity Publicity Arrangements

Other than where such pre-advertised buying arrangements are used, all Angus Council contract opportunities (whether procured directly or in collaboration such as through the Tayside Procurement Consortium) of a value of more than £10,000 for supplies or services or £20,000 for construction works are normally advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland Portal (see below). Suppliers are referred there to keep themselves abreast of such opportunities. Contract award information for contracts is also published there to allow smaller suppliers to keep themselves aware of sub-contracting opportunities.

Exceptions to these advertising etc. rules may be permitted for e.g. emergencies. The position is set out more fully in Section 16 of Appendix 1 to the council's Financial Regulations (a link to that Section is also provided on these pages).

Public Contracts Scotland Portal

Angus Council's current primary publicity arrangements for contract opportunities is via the Public Contracts Scotland Portal, which is a free contracts advertising website developed by the Scottish Government's Scottish Procurement Directorate. We would strongly recommend that suppliers register with Public Contracts Scotland in order to view the variety of public sector contract opportunities that will be published there. Suppliers will be able to find details of contracts with Scottish Local Authorities, NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government, Agencies, Non-departmental Public Bodies (NDPB's), Higher and Further Education and Emergency Services by simply browsing the available contracts. Suppliers can also register to receive free email alerts for opportunities relevant to their business when new contract opportunities are loaded via the portal by a contracting authority.

Public Contracts Scotland is free for suppliers to register with and is easy to use. This on-line facility allows all public sector organisations in Scotland to advertise both Official Journal of European Union (OJEU - the electronic version of which is called TED) level and sub-threshold contract opportunities and contract awards. In addition, the creation of the national portal and its associated use is intended to enable suppliers to gain access to essential contract opportunities in Scotland worth an estimated £8bn.

The existence of the portal will also allow improved business relationships between the public and private sector, and offer greater transparency to the business community. This is consistent with the Tayside Procurement Consortium corporate plan key objective of supporting local businesses and encouraging enterprise and growth in Tayside.

Further Information - The Supplier Journey

The Supplier Journey is a Scottish Government web-based tool designed to help suppliers understand the public sector procurement process. When the public sector buys goods, works or services, it has to follow strict rules. This means that bidding for a public sector contract can seem complicated and time consuming.

The Supplier Journey:

The Journey is split into 3 zones and you can jump directly to the zone you are interested in by clicking on one of the icons in the left hand column.

Other Procurement Issues

Council staff may contact established suppliers from time-to-time to seek information to allow those suppliers to be approved or "adopted" for the purpose of the council's e-ordering system (PECOS) or its payment and financial management system (INTEGRA). These are administrative steps only, however, and do not override the need for the council and follow legally compliant procurement routes as outlined above. These processes do, nevertheless, offer benefit to suppliers as well by allowing access to eOrdering processes and efficiency savings on both sides coupled with ease of access to suppliers catalogues, etc. across the council and easier/speedier payment routines. Suppliers' co-operation with these administrative processes is therefore encouraged and appreciated.

It is not council policy to provide individual officers' contact details for marketing purposes within council services. It is a matter for individual departments how they chose to respond to marketing inquiries and/or engage with prospective suppliers.

If you wish to provide details of your firm and its services to the council you may do so by contacting the Corporate Procurement team, ideally by e-mail to, and the team may circulate your details to selected departments who may be interested in your services. This is, however, a strictly informal arrangement and no guarantee is given as to the circulation which may be undertaken in response to speculative inquiries or as to the contract opportunities which might be generated as a result. There is a limit to the document size which the council's e-mail systems can support either for receipt within the Procurement mailbox or for distribution round the council. For practical reasons (in terms of the e-mail volumes received), we will not be able to accept or circulate documents larger than 2MB. We request that zipped documents are avoided as these may not be capable of being opened by recipients.