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What is it?

The Angus People Image Index is an index to images of people embedded within local history books in Angus Archives and other Angus libraries. The people in question are from all walks of life and all parts of Angus. They range from Justices of the Peace, businessmen, members of Masonic Lodges and other societies to ministers, schoolteachers, soldiers, and railway station guards from the past 150 years. Women are not as well represented but there is a good sprinkling of nurses, schoolteachers, club members and lady benefactors.

Why is it useful?

By using this index you may find a long lost ancestor in a surprising location or discover a new fact. The index frequently gives a summary of biographical material contained within the original source.

What doesn't it cover?

The Index is designed to complement the extensive Angus Archives photographic collection which has not yet been indexed. There will be one major update every year. The card index version of the Angus People Image Index in the Angus Archive search room will be continually updated.

How to obtain images?

If you find a reference you wish to pursue, contact Angus Archives for details of how to obtain a copy of the image. Please note that some of the material covered is still in copyright. Contact us on or 01307 468644. Our usual reproduction fees for photographic and photocopied reproductions apply.

What has been indexed?

The following is the list of books which have been indexed. We have supplied the title and the shelf number in Angus Archives. Full bibliographic details and locations are available in the Angus Libraries catalogue at All items are also available in the Angus Archives local history collection.

Abbreviations used:
d. = died
Fl = floruit i.e. active circa

List of items indexed at July 2006 are:

Author Title Reference Number
Bazaar Book: Lodge Forfar Kilwinning no. 9017, 18 & 19 September 1925 33:366.1
Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 18:394.4
Roll of Honour: Arbroath and District 1914-1919 18:940.467
Adams, David G. Brechin Bran Tub 21:914
Angus Archives Angus Archives’ Carnoustie photos MS747/24
Angus Archives Arbroath contact print albums Contact archive team for further clarification.
Angus Archives Montrose Newspaper Cuttings 1896-1917 vols. 1-11 58:941
Angus Archives Montrose contact print album Contact archive team for further clarification.
Angus Archives Newspaper Cuttings Album MS178
Angus Archives Queen Mary Kelly Castle photo album MS685
Angus Archives Brechin contact print albums Contact archive team for further clarification.
Angus Archives Carnoustie contact print albums Contact archive team for further clarification.
Angus Archives Officers of the Arbroath Corps, Artillery Volunteers MS771
Angus Archives Rev. John Keith from his old boys MS773
Angus Herald Arbroath Herald Christmas Album, 1939 (loose photocopies in archives) 18:070.175
Angus Herald Arbroath Herald Christmas Album, 1946 (loose photocopies in archives) 18:070.175
Arbroath Herald Wir Bookie 18:941
Arbroath Library Arbroath Newspaper Cuttings vol. 3 18:070
Cormack, Alexander Susan Carnegie: her life of service 58:B/Car
Craig, Nora The Carnegys of Lour 33:929.2Car
Dill, R. W. Episcopacy in Forfar 33:283
Douglas, Andrew History of the village of Ferryden 26:941
Edwards, D. H. Auld Neuk House 21:942.2
Edwards, D. H. Mair Aboot It 21:941
First United Free Church Kirriemuir First Free United Church, Kirriemuir 150 year anniversary, 1773-1923 45:284.2
Gaskell, Ernest Forfarshire & Fifeshire Leaders 01:923.2
Inglis, R. W. Inglis Memorial Hall, Edzell, N.B.: Proceedings at the Opening ceremony on Friday 22 July 1898 31:394.4
John, Charles Genealogy of the descendants of Rev. Thomas Guthrie D.D.And Mrs Anne Burns or Guthrie: Published: 1902 58:929.2
Lowson, Alexander Portrait Gallery of Forfar Notables 33:920
Mann, Ernest Anither Kirn Poke 33:941
Mann, Ernest Kirn Poke O’ Farfar 33:941
Mann, Ernest Shairrly No’ Anither Kirn Poke O’ Farfar 33:941
McBain, J. Eminent Arbroathians: being sketches Historical genealogical and biographical 1178-1894 18:920
Napier, Mark The life and times of Montrose 54:B/Mon
Queen Street Congregation Church Queen Street Congregational Church: Centenary Bazaar Book, 1799-1899: Arbroath 8:284.241
Reid, Alan Bards of Angus and the Mearns 01:821
Reid, Alan Regality of Kirriemuir 45:941
Scott, J Moffat Martyrs of Angus and Mearns 01:284.2
Shepherd, George S. Wir Bookie sequence [Arbroath] 18:941
Stirton, John Glamis Castle: it's origins & history 35:728.81
Stuart, John Registrum de Panmure vol. 1 62:929.2
Valentine, E. S. Forfarshire 01:914
Whatley, Chris Onwards from Osnaburgs: the rise and progress of a Scottish textile company Don & Low of Forfar 1792-1992 33:677.1164
Wilson, William Airlie: a parish history 16:941
Wilson, William The House of Airlie vol. 2 16:929.2/Ogi
Wishart, George Memoirs of the Most renowned James Graham, Marquis of Montrose 54:B/Mon

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