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Angus Maps

What is Angus Maps?

The Angus Maps application allows you to view and query maps of Angus and the surrounding area, and to move around and zoom into specific places of interest. You can superimpose different types of information on the map and view details of council-run resources and local boundaries.

You can also search for specific locations by postcode, street, village and town. Once you've selected a property, you can view a summary of your local facilities. This will display details of your closest council offices, ward, designated school etc.

What can I see?

You can view the general geography for Angus and the surrounding area. As you zoom in from the towns view you will see a greater level of detail until you can view streets and properties.

The Map tab allows you to view other features on top of the geographic view. These include:

Do I need any special software installed to use it?

There is no special software required to use this facility. All that's required is a suitable browser with Javascript enabled. Supported browsers include:

How do I use it?

Use the Address Search tab to search for the area you are interested in (i.e. your postcode). Pick the correct address from the returned results by clicking on the globe/map button globe/map button (to view a map of the property) or the notes/report button notes/report button (to view a summary report of relevant information).

You can use the report tool report tool to generate a summary report for any point clicked. The results are shown on the My Location tab.

Use the Map tab to control the display of layers on the map. Tick the box to turn a layer on. Under Active Maps choose a layer from the dropdown list and click on the map to get information about the features in that layer.

Zoom Zooms the map to full extents of Angus Council.

Print Generates a PDF document of the map on the screen which you can then save or print.

Allow you step backwards Back and forwards Forward through maps views.

Controlling the map

If you've used mapping sites like Multimap or Google Earth then you'll probably be quite comfortable with the controls. Even if you haven't, they are very simple to pick up. Descriptions of the tools and how to use them are available in the 'Help' section, available when you click on the Help tab.

Why can't I select some features, such as bin areas?

Some features will only become available if you are zoomed in at a certain scale, as the level of detail displayed makes it impossible to identify anything clearly until then. Zoom in further with the zoom controls or the scale markers and the feature will become available.

What if I have trouble using the mouse to navigate web pages and links. Will I be able to use this?

The nature of mapping facilities means that precise use of the mouse is required to select areas and features, and there's really no other way to provide this type of functionality. However, the search functionality that allows you to find your local facilities is usable without a mouse. Also, all of the information available from selecting features is also available on other parts of the web site. You may want to check the following areas:

Boundaries & Elections




Council Offices

Leisure & Recreation



The Angus Maps facility includes mapping data licensed from Ordnance Survey with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright and/or database right 2011. All rights reserved. License number 100023404. The maps held within are intended for identification purposes only and must not be used for scaling or formal documentation.