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Corporate Plans

The purpose of our Council Plan 2014 – 2017 (225 KB PDF) Opens in a new window Opens in a new window is to set out the ambitions and priorities we have for Angus to deliver opportunities and outcomes for our citizens.

The Council Plan sets out our vision and the work that we will focus on in seven key priority areas in order to achieve the results we are aiming for during the next three years. It also describes the challenges we face and outlines some of the changes we will make to the delivery of our services to ensure we can deliver our goals. Further reports can be found under the Corporate Plans and Reports heading on the Performance in Committee Reports page.

The Council Plan is aligned to the Angus Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement and outlines the contribution that the council will make to the achievement of the Angus Community Planning Partnership priorities.

It is crucial to the planning and management of our business that we are aware of both our strengths and areas for improvement. We use self assessment as a systematic and comprehensive means of achieving this. Self assessment is done at both a corporate and departmental level.

The three Directorate Improvement Plans are aligned to the Council Plan and set out the key priorities for the directorate and the focus for service delivery during the coming year.

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