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Service Plans

Each Directorate within the Council has an annual Directorate Improvement Plan aligned to the Council Plan. The set out the key priorities for the directorate and the focus for service delivery during the coming year.

In line with the council's commitment to integrated service and budget planning, directorate improvement plans are developed at the same time as departments' budget proposals.

Doing this ensures full integration of service planning and budget preparation and setting processes, with the resource implications of all new actions within directorate improvement plans informed by, and considered, as an integral part of the budget process.

Directorate improvement plans concentrate on major actions and developments for the department in the financial year. The alignment of these plans to the Council Plan means that directorates deliver on the objectives and priorities set out in corporate plans, Thematic Partnerships Plans and the Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement.

Operational Plans sit below directorate improvement plans and contain the detailed actions needed to deliver on the directorate improvement plan at team level.

Progress against the actions within directorate improvement plans is monitored through the council's performance management software system, with a mid-year progress report and full year review incorporated within the directorate annual reports. Further information can be found under the Directorate Improvement Plans heading on the Performance in Committee Reports page.