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Thematic Partnerships Plans

The Angus Community Planning Partnership set up Thematic Partnerships, to work in partnership to improve the quality of life for Angus residents. These groups operate at an Angus wide level working towards improving the area's economy, improving community learning, making Angus a healthier and safer community in which to live, and protecting and enhancing the quality of the Angus environment.

Thematic Partnerships are responsible for managing the outcomes, indicators and targets that make up the long-term vision of the Angus Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement. They also manage their own Thematic Partnerships Plans which include intermediate outcomes, indicators, targets and actions. Thematic Partnerships Plans sit below the SOA and support its delivery.

Thematic Partnerships are made up of community planning partners, including Angus Council, with contributions included in corporate, service and operational plans. Each Thematic Partnership publishes performance reports on their page on the Angus Community Planning website (

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